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This is a post that I hope helps all the Windows users who aren't able to use the Xbox app on Win10. The Teredo Adapter problem is widespread across the OS, and this post is a collection of advice towards solutions that are worth trying.


Solution 1: The Device Manager.

Dec 21, 2021 Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter Download Windows 10 Hello dear iam also facing the same issue but iam using windows 8 pro 64bit in my HP ultra slim dc 7900 and i also have the same issue that i can see there is a yellow mark on microsoft teredo tunneling adapter option.

Oct 10, 2021 Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter Driver for Windows 7 32 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 10, 8, XP. Teredo tunneling is a transition technology that gives full IPv6 connectivity for IPv6-capable hosts which are on the IPv4 Internet but which have no direct native connection to an IPv6 network. Oct 26, 2020 Teredo Tunneling Adapter Drivers For You; Or to save the energy or time for you, you can capable of permitting Driver Booster, the professional and reliable driver updating tool for Windows 10. Here in fact, you are to disable or turn off the Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface on Windows 10.

I'm sure you've already tried this, but I'll list it here anyway.

Open the Device Manager and open the Network Adapters drop-down. Click View, then Show Hidden Devices. If the Teredo Adapter doesn't pop up, don't be surprised; it doesn't for most people either.

Click Action and Scan for hardware changes, then click Action again and click Add legacy hardware. Click next, select the advanced option, next, and scroll to select Network Adapters. Click next.

In the left panel, select Microsoft, then look for the Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter in the right panel. If it's not there, you're not alone; just close the Device Manager.

Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter

Solution 2: The Xbox Support Page:

I'm sure many of you have already visited and tried the offered solutions here. In fact, most of the other solutions listed online are literally just a copy-paste of this page; most of them are somehow even re-written incorrectly. (How stupid do you have to be to do that?)

Solution 3: F*ck it, just force it to work.

Somehow, thanks to the advice listed on this link:, I managed to get connected to the tunneling service without even having the adapter installed on my computer at all.

If you have the super overprotective Bit Defender service like I do, this is probably what'll punch you through:

Open the Run window and enter 'services.msc'. This will open the Services window. From here, navigate through the local services to find 'IP Helper' and make sure it has a 'Running' status. (This should already be automatically running, but best to check just in case.) Go ahead and close the Services window.

Open the Run window again and enter 'gpedit.msc'. This will open the Local Group Policy Editor. From here, go through Computer Configuration < Administrative Templates (open the drop-down menu) and select All Settings. From here, navigate down to the Set Teredo section.

Microsoft Teredo Adapter Driver Download

Double click Set Teredo Client Port and select Enabled, then set the port to 3544. Click apply. This is a port forwarding method that directly connects you to the Teredo client. If you know how to set up port forwarding in your router settings, I recommend doing it there as well. (UDP 3544 - 3544. While you're at it, I recommend making sure UPnP is enabled.)

Double click Set Teredo Default Qualified and select Enabled, then select Enabled State. Click apply. This should force the Teredo state to remain qualified.

Windows 10 Teredo Download Free

If you have good internet, double click Set Teredo Refresh Rate and select Enabled, then set the refresh rate anywhere between 8 to 30 seconds. Click apply. This may seem like overkill, but considering how shitty the Teredo service is in the first place, it's necessary.

Double click Set Teredo State and select Enabled, then select Enterprise Client. Click apply. What this will essentially do is force the Teredo interface to always be present, even if you don't have the adapter installed in the device manager (thank christ for this settings existence).

For now, minimize the Policy Editor window.

Windows 10 Teredo Download Torrent

At this point, run the command prompt as an Admin and run 'netsh interface Teredo set state servername=default' and then 'netsh interface teredo show state'. You should hopefully have results that look like this:

Windows 10 Teredo Download

(It should also display Local Mapping and External NAT Mapping IPs. You will most likely have your own local Microsoft Server Name be displayed.)

If it doesn't look the same, you have 1 more step to do. (I recommend doing this extra final step regardless)

Copy your server name (not including the '.' at the end) and go back into the Local Group Policy Editor. Double click Set Teredo Server Name and click Enabled. Paste the server name into the 'Enter a Teredo server name:' box and click apply. This should be the final nail in the coffin, locking in a connection with your local Teredo server. Be aware if you use a VPN, it may cause inconsistencies with what server you are connected to.


Once again, enter 'netsh interface teredo show state' into the Admin Command Prompt to see if the results look correct.

From this point, open up the Windows Settings and click Gaming, then go to Xbox Networking. Let it do its scan and see if it connects. If it does, Congratulations!

Teredo will probably break again within a few days,lololololololol.

In order to fix it again, simply go back into the Local Group Policy Editor and re-apply the newly created settings without changing anything, then do the Xbox Networking scan once again.

If it doesn't connect, there are more solutions out there, so don't give up just yet. I'm positive there are plenty of other solutions that I personally didn't find. If you've found something else that ended up working, post it here! I'd love for people to use this thread as a means of finding the fix they need.

Windows 10 Teredo Download

Thanks for reading, loves. Hope this helped somewhat.

Teredo Download Windows 10