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Whether you’re just starting a new brand or have been in business for years, your brand is one of your company’s most valuable assets. In some cases even more important than the product or service you provide. Your logo lets your customers know what to expect from you and over will come to represent the values and quality that you provide. In other words, it’s worth taking the time to get it right the first time.

  • Unlike logo designers, you get full access to the entire design process. All these things make it a value for money logo maker. The Pros of the Placeit logo maker. Placeit is a user-friendly and simple tool found by most people.
  • Use this free logo maker to create the perfect logo for your project. Just browse our templates, pick the one you like, customize it, and you're done!
  • Enter the online logo maker. Logo makers use AI and ready-made templates and icons to simplify the process of creating a logo. Using them, even those without any design know-how can create a decent-looking logo in just a few steps. Of course, these sorts of logos are never as unique as those dreamed up by graphic artists, however, they do cost.

Don’t let that first impression leave potential customers uneasy with a poorly made logo. Using Placeit’s logo maker will ensure your custom logo comes out looking professional and gives your customer confidence they’re dealing with a serious company. If you already have a logo that you aren’t too fond of, why not rebrand your business with a new logo? Below are some examples of great logos made with Placeit’s logo maker templates, you can click on them to go straight to their templates.

Check out Placeit’s free logo maker to play around with our free options! It is easy to customize. With the many available fonts, colors, and graphics, you won’t have to spend days waiting for a designer to create the logo you are looking for because now you can create a football team logo without anybody’s help.

The custom logos you make with Placeit’s logo maker will give you the confidence that your most valuable visual asset is sure to look brilliant. Don’t just slap any old logo on your company and call it a day, you’re going to be using your logo for many years so make sure its a logo you can be proud of! Take your time designing your logo and make it something you can be proud of.

1. Select “Logos” from the main menu & choose the template you think will work best for your brand.

Place It By Evento

3. Type in your text,
choose fonts, colors, choose the graphic, and, background.

3. Download your finished logo (PNG & editable PDF) & share it right away!

Here’s a video version of the tutorial if you prefer to watch how easy it is to make your own logo step-by-step. Here’s a link to the logo maker template if you would like to follow along with the video.

Placeit has an online logo maker for different types of companies so regardless of what business you want to start, there’s a perfect logo template for you! Need an example? Try this coffee shop logo maker or learn how to make an effective HVAC logo. Now go on and click on the logo template you like best to get started designing your custom logo. Feel free to try them all out until you find the perfect one for your brand.

The circle logo maker template is great if your brand needs a more conservative, stable image.
The rectangle logo maker is what you need for a more traditional and restrained logo.
The versatile logo maker template is fantastic for making dynamic and modern logos.
The diamond logo maker template is great if you want your brand to seem more creative and open.

Placeit’s Logo Maker

✅ Super easy to make and edit, you preview as you design
✅ The results are professional and look great
✅ Only takes a couple of minutes to have a great logo
✅ You don’t need to hire a designer
✅ You don’t have to learn Illustrator or Photoshop


❌ Other logo makers are are as complicated to use as Photoshop

❌ Too easy to make something ugly

❌ The results are hit and miss with other tools or a designer

❌ Hiring a designer can be expensive and time-consuming

❌ Making a simple change can take days with a designer

Here are some fantastic examples of how you can use your custom logo to promote your new brand and start to generate interest for your products and services. Want some ideas? This pizza logo maker post might give you some ideas on where to get started. Mouse over the logos below to see examples of them in use.

Use your custom logo on brochures and flyers to introduce potential customers to your products
Brand displays and stands with your logo to generate awareness about your brand
Make a great first impression with sharp and polished presentation materials sporting your logo
Brand promotional materials with your logo and turn your customers into brand advocates

That’s how incredibly simple it is to make a great looking custom logo for your brand. You don’t need to hire a designer and hope they understand what you want and you don’t need to try to make one yourself and get stuck with a subpar logo design. If you want your brand to succeed, you first have to make sure your logo looks professional and has a great design. With Placeit’s logo maker, you can do just that! What’s even better is that you can find tons of different logo templates for different industries, including automotive logos, restaurant logos, plumbing logos, and writer logos among many more. If you want to take your brand one step further, try creating your own business cards.

Our freebies are updated all the time!

DesignEvo's free Esports logo creator allows you to make any fantasy Esports logo in minutes. Whether you want an Esports logo with sheild, helmet, knight, skull, dragon, clan, DesignEvo will offer you stunning Esports logo templates accordingly. Then, you can fast customize a logo idea and make a unique Esports logo for your avator, game brands, game forums, team T-shirts, etc., for free.

  • 10000+ Templates
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  • Hundreds of fonts
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DesignEvo, for creating custom logos for all-level users. It's free to use! Resourcefuland abundant in text fonts, shapes and searchable icons.

-From CNET Editor

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Placeit Logo Maker free. download full

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Placeit Logo Maker Free Download Windows 10

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