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Ibm Iaccess For Windows 10

UPDATED 7/10/2021
We use Approach all the time, and it is almost the only reason why we use Windows.
The download worked fine, and Lotus Approach is working fine on Windows 8.0, 8.1. and Windows 10 32bit see below.
I have just installed Approach on Windows 10 64bit (7/10/2021) and it seems to work okay. It installed in less than a minute. I will develop an application and see how it copes. With Approach it really seems that Windows is the weak link. Approach just goes on an on.
I moved to Windows 10 64bit because my Windows 8.1 machines have both died ( not the fault of Approach).
We develop Approach databases and support them at
Businesses still use Approach. It is amazing. I do not know why IBM did not keep up development. It does some things with ease that are hard in other systems e.g. Access.
After several months, Approach is working excellently. I use it on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 on a daily basis and I have no complaints at all. I really hope someone makes this open source, as it would set the cat among the pigeons.

IBM does not plan to support IBM i Access for Windows on operating systems beyond Windows 8.1.


This IBM announcement is particularly important to IBM i(AS400) users who may plan to add Windows 10 and do NOT have IBM SWMA to get access to the replacement product, IBM i Access Client Solutions, which includes 5250 emulation, data transfer, printer output, console support, and more. For information regarding IBM i Access Client Solutions, refer to:

IBM i Access Client Solutions is the newest member of the IBM i Access family. It provides a Java based, platform-independent interface that runs on most operating systems that support Java, including Linux, Mac, and Windows.


IBM i Access Client Solutions consolidates the most commonly used tasks for managing your IBM i into one simplified location.

Mcafee For Windows 10


The latest version of IBM i Access Client Solutions is available to customers with an IBM i software maintenance contract. If you have been using the technology preview, you will need to obtain and deploy the latest version from Entitled Software Support (ESS) in order to maintain uninterrupted connectivity to your IBM i. It can be downloaded from the Entitled Software Support (ESS) website under 5761-SS1 (feature codes 5817, 5818, 5819) or 5770-SS1 (feature codes 5817, 5818, or 5819).


Features include:

  • 5250 display and printer emulation based on IBM’s Host-on-Demand
  • 5250 Session Manager support modeled after IBM Personal Communications Session Manager
  • Multiple language support for concurrent 5250 emulation sessions on the same client
  • Data Transfer similar to IBM i Access for Windows Data Transfer plus support for OpenDocument spreadsheet (*.ods), Excel Workbook (*.xlsx), and other file formats
  • Data Transfer integration with Excel and OpenOffice
  • Simplified SSL Configuration
  • Download and viewing of spool files
  • IBM i Virtual Control Panel for LAN and HMC consoles
  • 5250 emulation for LAN and HMC consoles
  • Consolidation of hardware management interface configurations, including ASMI, IVM, and HMC

You must have IBM Software Support (SWMA) to access IBM i Access Client Solutions from ESS.

I frequently talk to IBM i users that think about discontinuing IBM SWMA to cut costs. Sure, their system may be stable with few changes anticipated. They feel the pressure to cut cost.

Ibm I Access For Windows 10 Download

However, if you expect to add Windows 10 (or a new printer with new drivers, for that matter), it is essential to have IBM SWMA to have access to the software you will need to interface new devices.

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Ibm I Access For Windows 10 Download

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