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Service dogs are specially trained dogs to provide utmost specific assistance to people who are physically or mentally challenged or possess mobility impairment. But a service dog can be trained for much more wondrous purposes than just for being another set of eyes. It can alert the people nearby if the person is in dire need of any help, or is suffering from a stroke or a seizure, or is facing difficulties due to stresses and traumas. In most countries, service dogs are permitted to enter anywhere the person goes and can be taken to any privately-owned business places like hotels, restaurants, theaters, malls, concerts, and others. If any restriction is posed by their entry, the person can simply display a certificate of registration of the service dog and can take them in. Given below are a few templates of certificates for service dogs that mainly differ in the format of information.

Service Dog and Emotional Support Animal accessories and services are for owners of assistance animals who want to make clear that their companion is providing invaluable services or support for them. Service Dog Certification of America recognizes a. In New Mexico, where we are located, we train 4-5 service dogs a year for our free Service Dogs for. With your doctor’s note, however, you can easily get your dog admitted into the apartment. In the event that your dog is a service dog, your landlord must allow admittance, without inquiring directly about your disability. In fact, it is deemed illegal for anyone to ask questions regarding your disability.

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Service Dogs UK Certification Template

Service Dogs is one of the most popular companies for dog registration in the UK. This company’s service dogs’ certification template follows a simple format of information display.

  • At the top, the name of the company under which the certification is done is printed in big letters.
  • Under that, the name of the service dog and the name of the handler to which the service dog has bee issued is printed.
  • At the bottom, there is an important instruction to not separate the dog from the handler in case of any accidents.
  • The barcode of registration and the company’s logo is printed at the bottom-most part of the certificate.

Register My Service Animal, LLC Certification Template

Register My Service Animal, LLC is the official United States Registry for certification of service animals throughout the country. All kinds of service animals are registered here, upon which a Service Animals Rights Access Handout cards are given to the handler. The format is given below.

  • The name of the company is displayed foremost, at the top of the certificate.
  • The names of the animal and handler, the date of registration and the registration ID is given below.
  • Under this, the American Disabilities Act is mentioned with the instructions to let in the service animal with the handler anywhere.
  • The logo and the contact details of the company are displayed at the bottom.

Kennel Club Certification Template

Kennel Club is an internationally distributed and a recognized company for registration of dogs. It provides registration for all kinds of dog needs and services and has branches in many countries that are actively promoting and registering homeless or trained dogs and puppies, thus saving them. The format of certification is given below.

  • The name of the company is printed at the top in big, block letters.
  • The name of the dog and the handler and the title of the dog is given below with fields to be filled in.
  • The logo and the sign of the administrator are printed at the bottom.

Assistance Dogs of America

Free Service Dog Certification Download

This company solely focuses on helping disabled children and adults to get a sense of independence by issuing them service dogs to assist them in any way required. The registration certificate which is available in three formats is given below.

  • The name of the owner, with the photo, the breed of the dog and the register number will be displayed.
  • The name of the dog, its photo, its breed and the state in which it is registered will be displayed.
  • The name of the dog and the owner with the state and ID of registration will be displayed.

Service dogs are of utmost necessity for the disabled people to lead an independent lifestyle and are bred to aid them in every possible manner through every walk of their life.

Things to be covered

The standard format of service dog certification templates should mandatorily consist of certain specific fields to be recognized as an official certificate by a company, which are given below.

  • Name and breed of the dog – The name and breed of the dog should be filled mandatorily in the fields given at the top of the certificate.
  • Name of the handler – The name and signature of the handler must be filled in the field given under it.
  • Photo of the handler or dog – A passport size photo of the handler or the dog must be pasted in the fields depending upon the template requirement.
  • Logo and signature of administrator – People nowadays produce fake IDs to pass of their personal dogs as service dogs and allow their entry in personal and private business services.
Free Service Dog Certification Download

Wordings for Service Dog certificates

Service Dog Certification or Service Dog Registration is a must for all disabled people having service dogs. As most places do not allow pets or dogs inside, they can flash the certificate that confirms that they are service dogs and take them in. These certificates have a set of wordings on it as a standard format for the templates. They usually describe the handler, the dog or the law under which type of service dogs can be allowed anywhere upon display of the certificate. Since these certificates are duplicated, there are certain wordings and symbols that can easily give out if its fake. To uncomplicate the process, service dog badges were developed that limits the wordings on it, unlike in certificates.

Service Dog Papers Fillable Printable


Service Dog Badges

Service Dog ID Badges gives instant access for the dog to enter into any place along with the owner, with the tag that it is a service dog. The handler can flash the badge and take in the dog into wherever he goes. The ID badge will display the name of the service dog, the name of the handler, its photo and other information for identifying the dog and its owner. At the back of the badge, Federal Laws will be stated along with the registration code and the name of the company under which the dog is registered. Having a service dog ID badge can significantly make the process of checking in the dog into any place much easier and quicker. As these badges can be faked and duplicated easily, badges nowadays come with metal shields with coloured medical logos in the centre.

Free Service Dog Certification Card

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