Electrical Control Techniques Simulator – EKTS is a simulator for designing Electromechanical Systems. It allows you to design variety of electromechanical systems using relays, time relays, buttons, motors, switches and some basic mechanical systems.

EKTS allows building custom motor circuits using different motor types in different quantities. Main usage of this simulator is aiming to teach basics of Electromechanical systems, therefore it have error pointing feature which shows exact location of error and cause of that produces error. Other useful feature is listing all used circuit elements for calculating price and defining parts that will be used. EKTS doesn’t calculate current flow and power distribution in through circuit elements therefore it doesn’t guarantee having same result in real environment. We strongly recommend having approval of supervisor before applying designed circuits on real environment.

Codesys for dummies
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Codesys Plc Simulator Free Download

Codesys Plc Simulator Free Download Windows 10


Codesys Plc Simulator Free Download Pc

  • Design and test Electromechanical circuits
  • Study working principles and analyse current flow process through circuit
  • Design custom motor circuits using different motor types together
  • Take print out of circuit or save as image for preparing study materials
  • Supports GIF, BMP, JPEG, PNG image formats
  • Test circuits before applying them on the plant
  • List used elements to define their configuration
  • Find exact location and cause of error
  • User interface in English, Turkish, Bulgarian, Dutch, Farsi and Arabic languages.